How To Fix HP Printer Paper Jam

Printer Support – What to Do When Your Printer Goes Down


If your printer is printing at a very low speed than expected or has gone down, then you need to follow following steps to solve this issue:

Resetting your printer entirely can resolve some sorts of slow printing problems.

  1. Turn your printer on, if it is not yet on.
  2. Take a while until your printer is not on before you continue.
  3. When your printer is switched on, then you need to disconnect the power cord installed from the rearmost of the printer.
  4. Now unplug the power source from the wall outlet.
  5. Wait for minimum 60 seconds.
  6. Now plug your power cord again into the power outlet.
  7. Then reconnect your printer’s power source to the rearmost of the printer.
  8. Now turn on your printer, if it does not get automatically turned on.
  9. Wait until your printer is starts again before you proceed working with it.

If the printer issues don’t get solved still, then you need to follow following steps to solve such issues:

Check your printer driver’s settings

Choosing certain paper kinds or bad quality paper can slow down your print speeds. Print using a plain paper inDraft or Normal quality for achieving your faster print speeds.

  1. Look for the Windows for printers, and following it choose Devices and printersin the given list of results.
  2. Now double-click using your mouse the given icon given on your printer.
  3. Now double-click the option Set Preferences.
  4. Search for the paper sort information.
  5. In the Paper typefield, check that Plain Paper is chosen.
  6. In the given Quality Settingsfield, check that Draft or Normal are chosen.
  7. Click OKor Apply to confirm the changes, close the HP printer driver window, and then close the Devices and Printers window.

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